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Sherry Cask Finished Rye

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The 63 Gallon Sherry Cask imported to us from The Rocky Mountain Barrel Company was initially used for a Pedro Ximenez Grape from Spain. Pedro Ximenez Grapes bring with them an intensely dark, sweet wine that adds to the whiskey an extra sweetness not typically found in your standard Rye’s.

This particular Rye was finished in that flavor-rich barrel for four months! The core of the Rye Whiskey we love is all there but with an added touch of sweetness and deep, dark fruit flavors to compliment the spices.

MASH BILL 65% High Rye with 30%Corn and finished with Barley
APPEARANCE Golden dark amber
NOSE Aromas of oak, dark fruit, and light caramel with a hint of cinnamon
Spicy, full-bodied, touch of toffee
FINISH Dry finish with lingering spice and oak notes
AGED Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask
INGREDIENTS Rye, and Barley

What people are saying.

“…amazing Rye Whiskey that hails from Colorado! Whether it’s straight, rocks, or with a little ginger it’s my go to whiskey! love the rich flavor, smoothness and the finish that leaves you wanting another glass... or three”

- Nicholas via TrustPilot Reviews