Fantasy Whiskey Camp

Are you as passionate about whiskey as we are?

Have you ever wanted to learn the ins and outs of distilling your favorite spirits? 

Have you ever wanted to learn how your favorite spirits are actually made?

Do you want to experience the day-to-day operations of an actual distillery?

Have you ever wanted to bottle your very own bottle of whiskey?

Have you ever wanted to sample whiskey straight from the barrel?

Great news!!!

Now you can enjoy all of this and more at our Fantasy Whiskey Camp!  

It's a full day of guided experiences with our distillers gaining hands-on knowledge of the full distilling process at our distillery in Gypsum, CO. You'll experience everything from start to finish, including; analyzing raw grain, mashing in, managing a cook, fermentation, distillation, barreling, bottling and most importantly, tasting different types of whiskey and spirits!

How it works:

We'll start with the history of the 10th Mountain Army Division and the history of our distillery. Then we'll go on a comprehensive tour of the facility to familiarize you with the processes and equipment we'll use throughout the day.

Then we'll get to work and mash in to start the cook for the day. From here, we'll walk through all of the different steps in the process of grain becoming whiskey, and we'll make sure you put some work in along the way.

Most importantly, we'll sample different spirits and pull some unique samples straight from the barrel. (This is many people's favorite part!)

Of course, we'll have a cocktail or two at the end of the day and enjoy a catered lunch from a local restaurant.

What's Included:

- Full day in the distillery

- Unique, hands-on experiences

- Photos of the day's events

- A Guided Tour of the distillery

- Tastes of all our spirits, including rare releases, cocktails throughout the day

- Catered lunch

- Bottle to take with you

- Ballcap or beanie (your choice)

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$600 for the first person. $450 for the second and $300 for a third person. Max 3 people.

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