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10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company: 

You Call It Program!

You call it and we will age your own whiskey for you! You can purchase a 5/10/30/53 gallon oak cask, then join us at the distillery to help distill and fill the barrel, you can also choose your flavor, Rye or Bourbon 

The barrel is yours, you tell us how long you would like to age it and we will take care of the rest. You can join us at any time to sample it, share it, hug the barrel, swim in it, or whatever you would like!! 

When you decide, we will bottle the whiskey. You are always welcome to come help bottle... and we will send you out the door with all the bottles and the barrel itself! 

The you call it prices are as follows: 

One 5 Gallon Cask (25 bottles) Rye = $1,125.00 Bourbon = $1,250.00 

One 10 Gallon Cask (50 Bottles) Rye = $2,250.00 Bourbon = $2,500.00 

One 30 Gallon Cask (150 Bottles) Rye = $6,500.00 Bourbon = $7,250.00 

One 53 Gallon Cask (250 Bottles) Rye = $11,250.00 Bourbon = $12,500.00