without leaving home

Enjoy a guided experience of tasting, touring, and learning about our award-winning spirits from the comfort of your home!

With the struggles of getting everyone together, be it family, friends, colleagues, or clients, we bring the experience to you. Sip, learn, engage with our distillery team.

How it works:

Gather your group, and choose a date. Each participant will be mailed a complete Tasting Kit, including all of our spirits. A 10th Mountain distiller or brand ambassador will guide you through a tasting of each spirit with an open discussion and Q&A. We will also walk you through the distillery, explaining each part of the process that makes our spirits exclusively our own, with Q&A. 

What's Included:

- Private Zoom Link

- 5 Spirits in a Tasting Kit for each participant

- Ask The Distiller Q & A

- A Guided Interactive Tour of Distillery

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