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Colorado Clear Mountain Moonshine - 750ML

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Colorado Clear Mountain Moonshine is distilled with 100% corn, giving it a sweet and comforting flavor. At 100 proof, it's perfect for sipping neat or adding a kick to your favorite cocktail. Enjoy the unique taste of this Colorado classic.

Mash Bill 100% Corn
APPEARANCE crystal clear
NOSE hint of corn
PALATE dry, sweet, corn with comforting warmth
FINISH crisp, clean with impressive staying power
AGED non-aged

America’s Fifty Best ‘Shines: Gold
North American Whiskey and Bourbon Competition: Silver
Denver International Spirits Festival: Silver
Jim Murray's 2018 Whiskey Bible ratings: 92.5 points

Gold winning

America’s Fifty Best ‘Shines

What people are saying.

“Love 10th Mountain!!! Had the Berry Infused Moonshine, it was spectacular!!!”

- David Freeman via Google Reviews