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Warriors & Whiskey 10th Mountain Rye Special Barrel Pick G

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MASH BILL: 69% Rye with Corn and Malted Barley
APPEARANCE: Golden Amber
NOSE: Butterscotch Candy, Honey, Clover
PALATE: Dry, but in a good way, dark cherry, almost wine-like, mild spice
FINISH: Long and Lingering, a hint of smoke and oak
AGED: Charred New Oak Barrel

About these bottles:

The 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co. barrel picks by Warriors & Whiskey are not your average bottles of whiskey. Instead, 20 Veterans’ Whiskey Club members and Warriors & Whiskey Club members selected these delicious Ryes for their characteristically sweet and nutty flavor profiles.

We will first feature the 114.4 Proof Barrel G. This whiskey barrel has a distinct butterscotch candy, honey, and clover nose. The palate is dry, but in a good way, dark cherry, almost wine-like, mild spice, and finishes with a long and lingering hint of smoke. You don’t have to be a rye person to love these pours!  

The flavor profile is just the beginning of what’s unique about these barrel picks. As a company named in honor of the 10th Mountain Army Division, the folks at 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co are passionate about supporting veterans. And like Warriors & Whiskey, they routinely give back to the veteran community in a big way, and these barrel picks are no different. For each bottle sold, 10th Mountain has pledged $15 to an incredible local charity - Houses for Warriors.

Andrew Canales founded houses for Warriors in Evergreen, Colorado, to help homeless veterans get off the streets for good. He and his team provide guidance and counseling to veterans from the time they step through the door to when they move into their own apartment. Houses for Warriors was founded in 2019 and is poised to expand its operations 100x with your help.

10th Mountain squeezed out just over 400 bottles from the two barrels, and we don’t expect them to last long. So don’t miss an opportunity to grab a bottle of the Warriors & Whiskey barrel pick and feel good about yourself for helping veterans in need!

Gold winning whiskey

North American Whiskey and Bourbon Competition

What people are saying.

“…amazing Rye Whiskey that hails from Colorado! Whether it’s straight, rocks, or with a little ginger it’s my go to whiskey! love the rich flavor, smoothness and the finish that leaves you wanting another glass... or three”

- Nicholas via TrustPilot Reviews